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The web site that stands before you includes powerful videos, stunning images and incendiary text, rich with vivid and graphic depictions of sexual passion so exquisite that they may carry you away. You are not likely to remain unaffected by their raw intensity and unmatched beauty. We don't believe that anything that lies beyond this page is obscene - we don't think you'll disagree with us - and, to the contrary, what we invite you to view with us is an exciting and stimulating world of beauty and sex, of conquest and submission, of wordless rapture and sublime delight, all emerging from a very basic and natural drive within us. The vivid power of our imagery impels the conclusion that it is likely to offend or disturb some sensitive persons - and we recognize that such power carries the potential of harm to minors. Accordingly, it is necessary to limit access to what lies beyond this page to those who can do so legally and who otherwise satisfy our conditions for access to our site.